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ANIA KRZYZANOWSKA is a designer whose brand is already a legend among the most influential business women. For more than 15 years she has been dressing women who are founders, members of corporate boards, managers of investment funds and who value independence, boldness in action and sophisticated style.

Her designs are distinguished by ELEGANCE, QUALITY and MINIMALIZM. These are exactly the values endorsed by “Ania Krzyzanowska’s women”, who  always want to look professional and flawless.

what I value most is independence and the luxury of being myself – these values connect me with my clients, whom I admire for their courage, self-confidence and originality. I choose the road less travelled – there I meet women of similar qualities. This is the most wonderful part of my job. When I design clothes for amazing women, my goal is to use clothes to sharpen their personalities that have brought them to where they are today